Research & Innovations

Rangavali Fresco Paintings

Rangavali is a 5000 year old folkart carrying Indian floor heritage. In domestic Forum Rangavali is one classified under 64 arts and 14 branches of knowledge represents Indian earthen expression. In the contemporary world it is now proved that Rangavali Paintings carries all the characteristics of Fine Art.Read More

Indus Valley Art

Na yam dipsantidipsvonadruhuvanojananam - (Rgveda 1.25.14)Neither the wicked can harm, nor can the jealous violate him. These words originally sung in the praise of lord Varuna are equally applicable to the spirit of enterprising people who never leave their goals unachieved. Read More

Rock Art of India

Rock Paintings are found in India, Australia & South Africa. Indian Rock Art consisting of pictographs (Drawings and Paintings) & petroglyphs (Carvings) made by both prehistoric & historic. These could be considered the original seeds of the art of painting.

The Indian rock paintings are colorful and pigmented coloring seems to be the Indian contribution to the art of paintings. Pigments are made from powdered minerals, sometimes mixed with animal fats, consisted largely on earth tones..Read More

Projects/ Encyclopedic Work 

Participation in documentary film:

Vivified BHIMBETAKA by Sneha/ Pune


2012: Encyclopedic work done for Yantra Entry&

2014: Encyclopedic work done for Mandala Entry for Project

under Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, New Delhi

for Kalatatvakosha(Volume VIII)

Read More