Artist’s Corner

Dr. Bharati Mate is highly active as a research artist since almost two decades. Unlike her contemporaries, she is an innate painter with no initial former education of fine art. Her artistic expressions are multi-faceted and include poetry paintings, handicrafts and research based spiritual art remedies.

She has successfully completed her Ph.D. in Fine art from the esteemed American University in Irvine, California (USA). Her doctorate thesis was felicitated with Distinction and spoke volumes about “Art & Gender in Antiquity & Excellence in Art History.”

Born and bred in Pune, she is the Founder Director of TAO Arts, Pune & creative Director TAO Communications, Pune. She has marvelously created superior work particularly in the area of Rock art, Indus art and Indian symbolism & its manifestation with Rangavali (Indian Floor Art).

From childhood, she was intrigued by role of ancient civilizations in fine art and strongly felt that these primeval human species were the True Anonymous masters of “Natural & Instinctive representation of Human Experience” through art created with means of daily existence such as walls, coins, cloths, and jewelry to even the tombs which were decorated as symbols of salvation. Bastar in Madhya Pradesh is a classic example of that.

Her quest for Origin of Art and particularly the premise of Indian Symbolism has been instrumental in carrying a niche in her art work. Her contribution to elevating Rangavali from a floor art form to the Rangavali Fresco Canvas has been a true testimony of the utter novice and artistic improvisation in her exhibits.

Amidst this artistic and truly eclectic mix of “art & philosophy”, she has been credited with several awards & honors. In 2006-2007 her Rangavali Paintings on canvas were carefully chosen for India Pavilion ARAS (France-India Festival). In 2012, she was crowned as “MahilaRatna” by the VishwaMahilaParishada Delhi, & in 2016,”Fellowship Award, 2016” by CCEAM & RCEAM Udaipur.

With a mission to integrate the “Age-Old Rangavali Tradition with the contemporary representation,” she founded “Art Welfare” as a rightful platform wherein Rangavali artists & art is encouraged not only on a regional but global level. The motto is to revere art and contribute to the big dream of “Economically & Globally Productive Indian Cultural Industries.”

Dr. Bharati Mate Working in the studio