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135 Continuous days from 14th Aug 2006...."Pruthviresha- Aakashresha", Rangavali Paintings with article,in "DainikSAKAL",in TODAY-PUNE supplement.


New Delhi AUGUST 19,2006

Spiritual Rangolis(By KHURSHEED DINSHAW)Rangoli depicting cosmic pattern are attracting global attention. Mother Nature speaks via symbols like the lines of the setting horizon,the circle of the sun, the crescent of the moon and lotus petals.

These symbols are an innate part of an individual and his environment. Bharati Mate & Sunil Balkawade vividly display eight fortune symbols to highlight their cosmic energy, utility and universal relevance....

The recipient of numerous awards, Mate pines that majority of Indian art is running on western norms even though it has its own unique spice of colors, forms and space."Traditional Indian Art can be nurtured and encouraged by the art faculty as presently too much of it is drowned by the excessive western impact. It can certainly stand on its own earthen, traditional flavor," says Mate whose future plans include setting up constructive, art based firms where women from remote corners of India, would get a chance to innovatively develop their art.


Rangoli on a Canvas by Bharati Mate's mix-media on canvas is an absolute delight.This is something so unique you just have to see it to believe it, Pune- based artist Bharati Mate spent five years researching this technique and the end result is exquisite.Perhaps for the first time, a Rangoli with all its glorious colors has been presented vertically mounted and framed, rather unusual we thought.


Pune, 2nd March, 2006

"Rang De"......

Get ready for a play with colors seen rarely before. And this comes from an artist with a difference Bharati Mate.Mate & Sunil Balkawade experiments with the art form that is Rangavali, titled "Feel Fortunate", which will have her exploring the world of symbols. The show will concentrate mainly on the eight fortune symbols highlighting cosmic energy,utility and universal relevance.

04th May, 2006
"Cosmic Creations"

Bharati Mate and Sunil Balkawade have transformed Rangoli into a framed art that exudes positive energy.What do their Rangavali Paintings say:

Dot: Human awareness

Semi-circle: Human Intelligence

Circle: The wholeness, the progressive brilliance

Swastika: The energy zoom

Lotus: Creative existence or the delicate human heart

Cow's feet: The humble worship

Pentagon: Five elements, the human body, vitality,the house of heaven.

"The Maharashtra Herald"
24th Oct,2006

"Framing Rangolis"

Keeping alive this dying art form!Balkawade says' "It was my desire to put traditional rangoli on permanent frames to make them everlasting. A lot of research had to be done on how the colours would be put on canvas and how the impressions would last."

"Script Wise" Midday October,1997

In their search for an Indian idium many artists have drawn upon India's rich Heritage-myths,icons, cults, philosophy- there is an embarrasment of riches. Bharati Mate, a Pune based painter has focused her paintings on the Indus Valley Civilisation. The scripts, the mud figurineslend themselves wonderfully to an artist's imagination. The paintings have warm, rich tones and the artist tries to convey the simplicity and dignity of the race.

Aseen Sindhi Magzine Oct-Nov 1998

Keeping Tradition Alive.

Midday 14 April 2000
"From Indus Valley to Cyberland"
She has visited several rock shelters all over India and the one at Bhimbetakaexcited her the most.Mate brings out life in the Indus valley that she researched. Her bright and colourful paintings are full of symbols that people in that age used for communication.

The Indian Express 10 May 2000

"Hues from the Past"
The bold and vibrant colours arrest your attention immediately, beckon you,inviting you to learn more about them.And that's just what Bharati Mate intends to do through her paintings inspired by the Indus Civilisation

Pune Mid-Day 06 April 2000

"Bharati Mate's Visual Tour of a Golden Indus"
Her paintings are worth a thousand words. It is a mission rather than ambition to put forward a thought, as Dr. KapilaVatsayan has put in the following words in her one of the unique article entitled 'Contribution of arts in the process of social transformation in the third world:'that no artistic expression is divorced from the level of science at any given moment of history of society; whether indivisual or collective expression there has always been a symbiosis which had taken place.Science, technology and artistic expression are two facets of the same urge,each enriching and complementing. They are not in opposition or conflict".

Times of India Mumbai, July 2017

Journey to explore time and space through art.

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