Indus Valley Art

Na yam dipsanti dipsvonadruhu vanojananam - (Rgveda 1.25.14)

Neither the wicked can harm, nor can the jealous violate him. These words originally sung in the praise of lord Varuna are equally applicable to the spirit of enterprising people who never leave their goals unachieved. The life of the people belonging to the first civilization on the Indian subcontinent was not easy. They were enveloped by the unending expanse of the sea on one front while on the other by that of the Rann of Kutch. This physical reality must have always played on their minds right from the days of the first civilization. The hard physical reality certainly made these people indomitable, enterprising. Along with time came newer catastrophes and unknown enemies, and yet they had crossed physical and cultural boundaries. The challenge of the adverse and the unknown made them emerge like the Phoenix; gracefully. Till today, there are only a few instances when their sense of commerce and art has been surpassed.

Chhinas yadi vrksasya na mulam pratirohati...

"The tree that has its roots clipped off, never grows again". This is the universal truth. However, the ancient civilization of the Indus defy this rule. The civilization vanished but it did not die, we are enjoying its legacy till today.

The Indus people had established a far flung trade, 5000 years ago. They had in their own right, accomplished globalization in those days. The modern parlance using terms like global village, liberalization, etc. was perhaps unknown to them but their achievements were by no means of lesser genre. Their trade had spread without any benefit of the Jet-age and E-commerce era.

Indus people, the paradigms of proficient trade and social enhancement, established a flourishing business system more than five thousand years ago, based on refined raw material procurement, apt storage and production devices, rapid transport, methodical documentation and effective management.

Their ethnic life style, aesthetic innovations, and immense learning cult are truly the Icons of progressive existence and contemporary betterment.

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Painting 'Mothergoddess', from the series Indus Excel.

Painting 'Transcendence', from the series Indus Excel.

Painting 'Wisdom', from the series Indus Excel.

Painting 'Graphics', from the series 'Indus Excel'.