2014: Art-Welfare, Pune:

(Reg. No: 1645/2014/Pune dated 17/09/2014)

It is the society registered under 25 A of company’s act under 1860 (21), with the aim of

1.Uplifting of Rural/Folk economy through developing vocational skills for the sake of revolution in tourism service industry and culture.

2.Research and development of Ancient and Modern Art, Science and Technology.

3.Promote and spread Indian Art, Artists and Culture through International Motivational centers.

4.Play active role in the Millennium development goals and encouraging young Artists to develop their society initiatives, skills and its utilization by participating with UN agencies like UNESCO.

5.To do cultural projects with the help of applied art and fine art.

6.To understand and raise awareness about the role of culture as a driving force of sustainable development.

7.To invest in cultural activities to help transform the society.

2002: Bharati Mate Fine Arts & Research Centre:

(Reg. No: E/3620 Pune dated11/07/2002)

Trust is undertaken the activities of research in Art and technology.

The aims and objectives of the trust:

1.To provide training in Fine Arts and other Allied Arts to the students and also to promote research work in both theory and practice.

2. To provide training in Water Color, Oil Paintings, Murals, Sculptures, Pottery & Folk Arts and crafts.

3.To organize Exhibitions, Events, Slideshows of Paintings, seminars in Private and pblic Festivals, Seminars, Symposia, workshops, Group Discussions etc.

4.To undertake research on the field of Historical and Spiritual aspects of Indian Culture.

5.To organize spiritual camps through paintings and crafts.

6.To research and propagate Art, Science and Philosophy of Yoga, Tantra, Vedas Upanishads through fine art which would contribute to the human development and quality of life.

Presenting a paper at Seminar in Mysore by LMW on 'Shri'.

Demo & Speech on Chaitrangan celebration at Himali Society, Pune

Participation to CCEAM's International conf at Sydney opening ceremony.

Workshop taken for teachers in CCEAM's conf at sydney.

Hands on exercise in the CCEAM's conf at Sydney.