Books: Feel Fortunate

A Thoughtful Floor Canvas:

Feel fortunate is transcendence into the magical world of symbols. Symbols- the simple vehicles of the divine are an innate part of an individual as well as his environment. Feel fortunate is a gala of Rangavali forms where eight fortune symbols are vividly displayed highlighting their cosmic energy, utility and universal relevance.

The Rangavali Forms:

Rangavali is an ancient Indian Art. Since ages it has been utilized in different aspects to lucidate celebration. Especially, every Indian nook and corner consists of this art, where people daily prepare Rangavalis on Floor to welcome the pious living force or the divine. The sixty four arts including music, theater include Rangavali as an earthen art expression. Feel fortunate displays Rangavalis with the attire of symbols. Symbols here are expressed in the lustrous, white medium of Rangavali. The symbols here are a mere association with all elements of nature where symbols originate and blend to peaceful existence.

Feel Fortunate symbols and their cosmic relevance:

Mother Nature also beautifully speaks via symbols. The lines of setting Horizons. Circle of Sun, crescents of the Moon and petals of Lotus are all but a cluster of divine symbols.

Hence, feel fortunate is a strong reverence to this essence of the cosmos where nature selflessly provides us vital lessons of life and creative existence.

Eight Fortune Symbols:

The Rangavali Script: Feel fortunate has scientifically yet artistically described the role of eight symbols, their cosmic role, human connection, color manifestation and yogic importance. Utilizing the refined core of art, science and technology, we want each one of you to experience the divine support amidst these art expressions and easily Feel Fortunate.

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