About Bharati’s Rangavali (Rangoli-Hindi)

“A Sublime Floor Canvas”

Rangavali Designing (A white stone Powder as a medium) is a 5000 year old folk art etched in every nook and corner of our motherland India. It is a symbol of purity, prosperity & divinity and drawn in infinite patterns throughout the country. Every state and every woman has her own individualistic perspective in presenting Rangavalis.Rangavali truly adorn the Puja Houses, Temples and Garden of Indian households.

Bharati and her partner Sunil Balkawade realized the depth and preciousness of this art form and were deeply motivated to transform the perishable nature of this art form into a truly durable & stable fresco canvas.

This could be rightly called a Quantum Jump, since floor art is physically and artistically elevated and preserved to be enjoyed & experienced by art lovers.

Frescos have been used in mural creations & paintings since centuries. However they were of wet types, whereas the Rangavali Canvas frescos by Bharati & Sunil are Dry Frescos, which have been created after years of toiling research and technique modulations to take a granular, non-sticky material of Rangavali to a fixed, permanent canvas.

“Sublimity” is an inherent attribute of Rangavali, white powder of Rangavali depicts purity of human soul as well as need to adhere to peace & equilibrium.  Bharati’s magnanimous contribution to this art is creation of Rangavali paintings that beautifully unfold the Language & True Essence of Indian Symbolism & various sacred Symbols drawn as a part of Rangavali Art.


Dr. Bharati Mate in the Studio

Demo in the Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai